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Forgottonia Governor Neal Gamm
Forgottonia Governor Neal Gamm

What is Forgottonia?

In the late 1960s, a group of concerned citizens dubbed a sixteen-county section of west-central Illinois “Forgottonia” in protest of the lack of state and federal investment in highways and other infrastructure in the region.

What started as a tongue-in-cheek name grew into a satirical movement by the early 1970s, when Forgottonia leaders appointed a governor, selected a capital, and threatened secession so they could declare war, immediately surrender, and then petition for foreign aid.  They even had their own flag: the white flag of surrender.

Thanks in part to these efforts, our region now enjoys a passenger train route to Chicago and an improved system of bridges and highways that allow for easier access to our little slice of Illinois.

Over the years, Forgottonia has come to stand for the deep connection the people of west-central Illinois feel to our region and the playful and irreverent refusal to let ourselves be forgotten.  We at Forgottonia Brewing are proud to carry on this legacy by providing independently crafted beers produced right here in the heart of Forgottonia.